Providing Peace Of Mind So You Can Get On With Your Business

The appearance of your office, building, or facility is a reflection of you and your brand. People's perceptions of you are influenced by untidy offices, unkempt grounds, and graffiti on the walls. We give you peace of mind that your facilities are in experienced hands, allowing you to focus on your business. Every day, we assist businesses just like yours by sending highly trained cleaners and facility support specialists to guarantee that your facilities are constantly in top shape.


Soft Services


Ambience understands the importance of cleanliness, hygienic and proper housekeeping. Good housekeeping and a clean environment improve the productivity and motivation of employees. We ensure that your work place remains dust, dirt, and germ-free. Our staff receive frequent training and advice on housekeeping, equipment operation, chemical usage, personal grooming, etiquette, and behavior. Routine cleaning, responsive cleaning, and cyclic cleaning-information on all shall be made available as per your choice. We do housekeeping for guest houses, residential complexes, and commercial offices.

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Pantry Management

Our pantry boy services are fully pleased and custom-tailored to provide you with a healthy, convenient, and sanitary environment free of dangerous chemicals. We provide high-quality professionals who are distinguished by their variety, cleanliness, and polish to manage your workplace kitchen. Our pantry lads are well prepared to meet a wide range of food requirements.

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Office Management

Is it bothering you to do things like print and photocopy, organize and file papers, rush around to different departments, or visit banks and industrial institutions? It will be up to our coworkers to cope with the matter. Our staff have been trained to work in a business setting and can assist you with your daily tasks. Front desk, concierge, office support, and other support services staff can be deployed, trained, and managed by us.

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Specialized Services

Pest Control

To maintain the dignity of the office or home premises, timely preventive measures and effective pest treatment are important. We not only take all the necessary precautions to avoid any form of pest infestation in our business or at home, but we also have efficient remedies available to address any such issue. Ambience is one of the leading facility management companies in Mumbai that offers pest control services and COVID fumigation services. To get rid of numerous types of pests, we employ environmentally safe pest repellers.

Pest control includes

1) Termite Management Service.
2) Management of Bed Bugs.
3) Rodent Management Service.
4) Management of Flies and Mosquitoes.
5) Bird Proofing/Netting Management Services.


1) A completely odorless, hassle-free, and safe solution for the occupant.
2) It is not necessary to empty out the kitchens, making it very convenient.
3) Long-lasting and highly efficient treatment that can be carried out at anytime of the day.
4) This service uses a proven treatment wherein the highly potent active ingredient is applied to all cockroach hideouts. This results in the control of cockroaches.


Our horticulturists and landscape care division at Ambience are well aware of the importance and value of your landscaping. We have a large team of qualified and experienced horticulturists on hand to help you with your gardening needs. Our primary goal is to create a garden environment that is well-developed, cared, and well- maintained. We provide complete landscape management and garden care services for commercial and residential clients, including grass care, weed control with ground cover plants, shrub shape and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting, and trimming.

Among our horticulture services are:

  • Maintenance services for Horticulture.
  • Horticulture and landscaping in the garden.
  • Landscape Design and Planning Services.
  • Horticulture for Commercial and Residential Use.
  • Garden on the terrace.
  • Garden on the Roof.
  • Garden on the Wall.
  • Garden that grows vertically.
  • Garden on the Balcony.
  • Façade Cleaning

    With severe safety procedures, we restore façade and windows to their former brilliance. Transfer the risks of quality and safety to us.

    What We Do


    A Safe And Healthy Work Environment Provides Peace Of Mind.

    One thing this year has highlighted is how important good hygiene practices are.

    While COVID-19 is an unprecedented example, we’re exposed to viruses and bacteria that can cause illness at work every year.

    That’s where we come in. At Ambience, we work with you to create a safe and healthy work environment that provides peace of mind for you and your employees.